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a website dedicated to the joy of coastal living.

My goal for this website is to have an outlet for sharing my passion for all things Gulf Coast – the food we eat, our traditions and history, the beauty of nature, places to visit, and ways to bring faith, love, and joy into our everyday lives. I’m not a fashionista, and this is not a mommy blog (although it might be a grandmommy blog.) I’m not a trend setter, or social media influencer. I’m just a simple lady from South Alabama who loves taking care of my family, my pets, and my home, be it ever so humble. I love history, especially local history, and weekend trips exploring the beauty of our small piece of the world. If shopping in thrift stores, arts and crafts, photography, cooking and sewing interest you, then we are kindred spirits. I also love telling stories, so maybe I’ll get a few of them on here, too.

I also want to add that a lot has happened in my life since I first started this website. I gave up my teaching career to care for my parents, sold my own house to live with them, and resigned from many of the social and church activities I enjoyed. The online environment allows me to be at least a bit connected with life outside of home. My dear Mama passed in February (2017), and my precious Daddy is in the later stages of Alzheimer’s. The older I get, the more I understand that life is a challenge for everyone, no one has it all — perfect health, wealth, model family, great job etc. It is in finding ways to be content with whatever life circumstance you have, that you truly find blessings. I miss my mother more every day, but feel so wrapped up in the love she covered me with all the years we were together. And life with a dementia patient can be frustrating, but my father still has his sweet personality and a great sense of humor. I have to laugh at the funny things he does — and take lots of walks when I reach my frustration point:) Take a moment to stop reaching for future things and take stock of what you have here and now. I hope that you will find your cup runneth over, I know mine does.



Best Wishes,

Jenny Newberry




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