cat coloring page
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Creating a Cat Coloring Page

What do you do with a nine-year-old who has spent too many days shut inside because of hurricane weather? You help her create a purple cat coloring page. My granddaughter, Emily, loves being creative and spends many hours at my house exploring how to use the many arts and crafts supplies I have available and using the software I have on my desktop computer. Today, I showed her how to create a coloring page and post it on this website to color online. At the end of the day, she decided a purple cat was awesome art. I love her creativity! What color would you choose?

We used my Wacom tablet and photoshop to draw a backline outline of a cat from one of my image files. I have a WordPress plugin that allows my users to be able to color images I post online using the code provided. In less than 30 minutes, we had Emily’s idea off my computer and onto the web.

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