A Drive Around Alabama’s Scenic Coastal Byway to Dauphin Island

Amanda and I took the scenic route from Irvington to Dauphin Island to take a walk through the Shell Mounds. I take this drive around Shell Belt Road and Coden Belt Road at least once or twice a week in the evenings after work or on Sunday after church. I don’t think I’ve ever photographed it at sunrise before. It’s so relaxing to take in the sights, sounds, and smells of the coast and the road is right next to the water.

Once we reached the island, we decided to check out the East End Beach that has been re-opened. It was a relief to see that the beach had not only been restored since the storms, but also the entire area, especially the parking lot has been completely updated.

It’s always a challenge trying to capture images that truly reflect the beauty of nature in densely forested woods, but I was happy with a few of my shots of the ancient oaks. I never really captured how impressive the shell mounds were because they were obscured by the thick foliage. If we had been quieter, we probably would have seen more birds. That’s something I want to start working on.

One thing on my bucket list is to take a tour out to the Sand Island Light House to capture my own images of this historic structure before it is swept into the waters at the mouth of Mobile Bay.

I broke this week’s images into two videos, one of the drive to Dauphin Island and the other just of our walk through the Shell Mounds. Hope y’all enjoy the meditative music and images. I often play videos like these when my high school students are working quietly on independent practice. I teach at an alternative school and continue to be amazed at how much quiet music reduces idle chatter and improves focus.

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