A Peaceful Walk through Forested Wetlands At Muddy Creek Nature Trail in Theodore, Alabama

About four miles north of Bellingrath Gardens there’s a hidden gem for nature lovers visiting or living on the Alabama Gulf Coast. This little area which makes up the Muddy Creek Nature Trail in Theodore was set aside as a preserve when land was destroyed to build the industrial complex that cut Dauphin Island Parkway in two.

A unique feature of this nature trail is the fact that non-native species of plants and trees have been removed and efforts continue to maintain the absence of invasive species. This is truly a bog, but there are numerous boardwalks and the foot paths are easy to walk on. The trail meanders in a loop and passes by an active beaver pond. While you are not likely to see the beavers, you can find their muddy footprints along with various other woodland creatures in the soft mud throughout the walk.

It is listed as an interpretive trail, and the signage throughout the walk was informative and easy to read. Despite the fact that it is a wetlands, we encountered very few mosquitoes. You should bring plenty of bug spray just in case, however, if you plan to visit in person. You could just take the bug-free virtual tour by clicking the link below, as well.



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