A Virtual Walk Through CL Dees Wildlife Trail Gautier, Mississippi

Amanda and I decided to check out the CL Dees Wildlife Trail, another portion of the Mississippi Sandhill Crane National wildlife refuge. It turned out to be an excellent choice for a crisp southern October morning. The cypress trees were putting on a show as their foliage was changing color readying the trees for winters gray chill.

The 1.5-mile was an easy walk with smooth terrain and very little change in elevation. There was an abundance of birds that could be heard in the trees, but the insects were sluggish and less active than the ones we encountered the past two weekends. We did see a few fresh animal tracks, but did not encounter reptiles, amphibians, or even small mammals such as squirrels.

This trail was located adjacent to the research center which opens to the public at 9:00 in the morning. We did not go in to the center on this trip, but I hope to visit it soon. The grounds nearest the parking lot also have several picnic tables, ample space for student field trips and small group gatherings.

One of my favorite types of wild plants are the carnivorous varieties found in the swamps and bogs around the Gulf Coast. They remind me of the property my parents owned near our home when I was growing up. I will definitely be back in different seasons to get more images of these unique plants throughout their life cycle.

You can check out my video of our walk which also includes identification of some of the plants I photographed and tidbits of information about pine savannas.

Here are some links to other information about pine savannas and pitcher plants.

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