Enjoy Nature at Lightning Point Bayou La Batre, Alabama

The opportunity to enjoy nature at Lightning Point Bayou La Batre, Alabama has improved in the last few months with the first phase of a restoration project in place. Local boaters can still easily launch their small boats from the city docks, and folks are still welcome to fish in the shallow water as long as they have a license, but now there is more room to roam for those of us who enjoy just strolling out in nature.

Information about upcoming phases of the project are posted at lightning Point at the City Docks in Bayou La Batre, AL.

The hilltop of lightning Point now has a small walking path cleared that allows unobstructed views across a portion of the Mississippi Sound known as Portersville Bay. To the east is Dauphin Island and to the west is Pascagoula, Mississippi.

There have been some improvements made to improve access for the public near the Bayou La Batre city docks at the mouth of the bayou.

A new pavilion provides shade and a comfortable picnic area.

A picnic pavilion has been built to overlook the extended shoreline and Portersville Bay at Lightning Point Bayou La Batre.
Coastal flora and fauna thrive on the newly restored shoreline at the tip of South Mobile County in Bayou La Batre, Alabama.

The shoreline has been extended with sand and mud dredged up from maintaining the channel. It is hoped that the restored marsh area will mitigate against some damage from future storms.

The moths, butterflies, bees, and dragonflies were abundant feasting on the fall flowers that are bursting out all along the coastline.

Take a virtual nature walk with me along the path at Lightning Point.

Listed below are links to more information about this project:

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