My New 2020 Ford Transit Connect Van

Back in August, I traded in my seven-year-old Ford Escape for a brand new Ford Transit Connect Van. I really want to do a lot more weekend road trips and local photo/art adventures. A van will give me the room I need to haul materials, have a mobile office, and camp out overnight saving money on travel. Because it is a small van, it is economical, easy to drive, easy to park and very comfortable for my needs. It is nothing fancy, just the base model which is built for cargo with no back seats. The gas mileage so far has been very good, I’m averaging 26.6 MPG and that includes the time I’ve had the van idling while I work inside during our VERY HOT August/September weather. The dogs love the space in the back, but wish I had bought a van with more windows. I’m glad I didn’t, I like the ease with which I can make the van private on overnight trips plus I have less glass to clean from doggie nose prints.

Can’t wait to fill up my travel log with all my great adventures!

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