New Orleans French Quarter

New Orleans French Quarter
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I have always enjoyed visiting New Orleans, especially the French Quarter.  I went often as a teenager and young adult because my aunt and her family lived there. I recently had an opportunity to go back for a visit to attend a relative’s wedding and was reminded of what a vibrant and beautiful city it is.

New Orleans is known for its distinct Creole culture and colorful night life. It is also famous for its Mardi Gras traditions, though being a Bama girl, I have to remind my readers that the tradition of Mardi Gras here in the US began in Mobile, AL, which was also a city founded prior to the establishment of New Orleans.

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I had the great fortune to book a room at the Le Pavillion hotel in the French Quarter for a great price. The wedding was on a Friday evening, so I spent the remainder of the weekend exploring the streets and businesses of the French Quarter with my son and DIL. I don’t think I would have felt as relaxed had I ventured out on my own due to the reputation of the area. I have to say, though, that the city of New Orleans was very polished in anticipation of a major anniversary.

As a creative, I loved going through the French Market and looking at all the artists booths! There are so many talented people in New Orleans. Even along the streets artists displayed their work on wrought iron fencing and at makeshift booths. Some streets were blocked from traffic and musicians drew in crowds. It was awesome. We also came across several wedding events, one couple was even dancing down the streets accompanied by a 2nd line brass band.

I haven’t visited City Park or the zoo since the 90s, so I have those places on my bucket list to do soon.