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Creating Your Own Personal Prayer Space

On a recent road trip which included visiting a historic chapel, I was reminded of how often the scriptures tell us to set aside time for God. While churches, chapels, grottos and other sacred spaces offer peace and serenity for personal prayer and meditation, having a dedicated space in our home is important for daily devotions. Creating a personal sacred sanctuary dedicated to spiritual growth and prayer should be a priority for people of faith. Here are a few things to consider when setting up a “prayer closet” in your home.

Choose a Quiet Space: Identify a quiet corner or room in your home where you can create your prayer space. This could be a spare room, a cozy nook, or even a walk-in closet. It needs to be away from the flow of foot traffic and isolated from TVs or other electronic distractions.

Provide Seating or a Prayer Mat: Transform old furniture into a prayer bench or stool. A fresh coat of paint can breathe new life into these pieces, making them perfect additions to your sacred space. Just be careful not to get so comfortable you end up using the space for napping rather than prayer.

Install a Bookshelf: It is important to have a place to organize Bibles, study materials, journals, and other materials. Adding a small table for writing might also be helpful.

Declutter and Freshen the Space: Remove visual distractions. A clutter-free environment promotes tranquility and focus. Choose calming colors and textures to enhance the serene atmosphere of your prayer space.

Include Lighting: A small lamp or even a string of lights will provide much-needed light for reading scriptures or devotions. Be cautious about using candles because they can create a fire hazard in small spaces. Consider battery candles for the ambiance without the danger.

Spiritual Artwork Collage: Craft a collage of spiritual artwork or quotes that resonate with you. Perhaps you could include a gratitude jar in which you place small notes of thanksgiving to remind you of all the good things God has placed in your life.

Make it Fragrant: Avoid the distraction of musty smells by having an inexpensive air freshener near your space. Another option is to have a small sachet of potpourri.

Soothing Sounds: Drown out noise pollution by streaming soothing music, running a small fan, or using a noise machine. Just be sure the background you create does not interfere with your prayer and meditation. I find playing hymns to be a deeply emotional way to spend time with God.

Personalized Prayer Journals: Keep a journal for writing thoughts, prayers, and reflections. It doesn’t have to be fancy You may want to divide it into sections such as “Prayer List”, “Bible Study”, “Gratitude Journal”, “Verses Studied”, and “Written Prayers”.

Creating a sacred space at home is a deeply personal and rewarding endeavor. May your sacred space become a haven of tranquility, guiding you toward moments of peace, reflection, and connection with the divine.

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